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Registrar Market Share

This report shows the distribution of domains (COM, NET,ORG,INFO,BIZ,US) across all registrar’s for any given time period; data is separated into the Top 15 Registrars Graph and the Registrar Ranking Data Grid. Also provided is a graph displaying the change in domains over the last 30 days for the top registrars.

Top 15 Registrars Graph Graph displays the top 15 registrars with the highest number of total domains for all TLDs. All numbers represented in the graph are in millions. This information is also available in tabular format underneath the Top Gainers and Losers hyperlinks.

Top Registrars -- Domain Changes Last 30 Days Graph Graph displays the daily domain changes over the last 30 days for the top registrars. Depending upon the data, there may be 2 Y-Axis scales showing the number of domains added or removed. If this is the case, there will be separate legends showing which scale a registrar is associated with. The total domain change is also available in tabular format under the 30 day change column in the Registrar Ranking data grid.

Registrar Groupings The Show Groupings checkbox allows authorized users to view the registrar market share data based upon known registrar groupings.

Registrar Ranking This tabular data grid lists each registrar that has at least one domain associated with them. If "Show Groupings" is selected the grid will contain the parent registrar with a total domains for itself and any child registrars as well as the domain count belonging to each of the children.

Fastest Growing Registrars

The data detailed in this report represents the fastest growing registrars based on their gain/loss of domains over a selected amount of time. The gainers/losers radio buttons will alternate between registrars who gained the most domains and those who lost the most for the selected period of time.

Registrar Transfers

The data detailed in this report represents domain transfers to and from a selected registrar for a selected date. In order to use the report, simply select the date to constrain the data by, the registrar in question and hit the Apply button.

Only valid movements are tracked. A movement is the transfer of an active domain from one registrar to another registrar. Newly registered domain names are not included in these counts.

Domain Insights

This report shows information from the last time the domain name entered by the user was queried. This report performs an exact search for the domain name so the TLD must be included.

The report has the following tabs:

  • Whois -shows basic and detailed Whois information from the last time this domain was queried.
  • DNS - DNS attributes from the last time this domain was queried.
  •       DNS attributes:
    • A - A record
    • WWWA - WWWA record
    • AAAA - AAAA IP V6 record
    • MX - Mail Exchanger record
    • CName - Canonical name
  • Name Servers - current name server information for the domain name, updated daily.
History Hyperlinks
  • Registrar - changes to the registrar of record.
  • Whois - changes to the detailed whois record.
  • DNS - changes to any of the DNS attributes.
  • Name Server - name server changes.

Domain Search

This report performs a search of the currently registered and/or previously registered domain names which appear or have appeared in the Registries zone files. Previously registered names are those names that have been registered in he past but have expired or been removed from the domain name system since. The appearance of a domain name as available is not absolute as this data is taken from the previous days zone files.

Users can choose to show “Only Available Domains” or “All Domains” (available and registered domains). If the criteria is met in any domain name within any TLD that is “checked”, the name will show up in the results.

Select TLDs for which results need to be shown. Select 'All' check box to show all of your selected TLDs.

To change the preferred TLDs click on the "myTLDs" link. This list of TLDs will be used for the Search Domain Names, Bulk Search Domain Names, and Domain Name Generator web pages.

The total number of matches found for the given criteria will be displayed up to the records per page limit. The resulting grid will show the domain name and its status in each TLD.

These are the three possible states for a domain name -

  • Available – The domain has not been registered and is available.
  • Registered – The domain is registered.
  • Previously Registered – The domain was registered at some point in the past, but is currently available for registration.

Click on 'Generate Excel' to export the result into an Excel file. User can choose any one of the options from the list to export results. If data results are greater than the Excel limit of 64,000 rows, then the user may choose ‘Create Text File’ and have the data exported to a text file without this limitation.

Bulk Domain Search

This is the same as the domain search report except that it performs exact matches on a list of entered domain names.

Top IP Addresses

This report shows the total number of domains associated with the top 100 IP addresses based on the most current registry zone files.

Clicking on the IP hyperlink will bring up a new grid that shows the breakdown of domains per TLD.

Domain Name Generator

This report shows the list of all possible domain name combinations that can be generated using the three keywords and delimiters listed in the select boxes.

Enter the keywords in the list boxes for keyword1, keyword2, keyword3 and delimiters. E.g. if the keyword1 is 'soft', keyword2 is 'info', keyword3 is 'ware' , delimiter is '-' , then the results will contain 'soft-infoware','softinfo-ware','soft-info-ware' and so on.

Users may select to include typos by clicking on one or more of the typos check boxes. Typos come in a variety of flavors:

  • Proximity – Generates new keywords by replacing each letter in the existing keyword entries with a proximity letter (one that touches it on a standard keyboard)
  • Skipped – Generates new keywords by removing each letter from existing keyword entries
  • Doubles – Generates new keywords by doubling up each letter in existing keyword entries.
  • Swapped – Generates new keywords by swapping each letter with the one next to it in existing keyword entries

The results show permutations in most-significant to least-significant keyword order.

Name Server Movements

This report shows the top ranked domain movements for the selected date.

The "Domain Movements" hyperlink shows the list of domain names which have moved between the specified Name Servers.

Most Active Name Servers

This report shows the most active name servers for a selected date.

The report contains the following columns:

  • New - New domains registered
  • In - Transfers into a nameserver and away from another
  • Out - Transfers out of a Name Server into another
  • Removed - Domains removed from a Name Server
  • %Gain - Percentage of Net Gain vs. the Overall
  • All - Overall Total

Movements by Name Server

This report shows the summary of domain movements for all of the name servers on a date entered by the user.

TLD Domain Counts

The TLD Domain Counts report displays a chart depicting the history of domain name counts for TLDs as well as a table of the latest activity for each TLD.(Top Level Domain)

For public users, the chart will contain the 10 largest TLDs. For logged in subscribers the chart contains their selected TLDs

Use the slider bar to the right of the chart to change the Y axis scale. Any TLDs which have a minimum domain count that is higher than the selected scale will be included on the chart legend but will not appear on the chart.

The table contains the following information for each of the TLDs.

  • All - Overall total of domains for the most recent date
  • New - New domains registered
  • Removed - Domains removed
  • Transferred - Domains that were either moved into or moved out of a Name Server

Click on the TLD name link in the data table to view a chart of the historical counts for an individual TLD.


For logged in subscribers there is a new feature available called myTLDs. They may select up to 10 TLDs which are saved and displayed each time they return to the TLD Domain Counts or TLD Domain History reports.

The chart will contain their preferred TLDs.

To change the selected TLDs click on the "myTLDs" link beneath the chart menu.

The selected TLDs will be highlighted in light gray in the data table.

gTLD Strings

This report shows the submitted applications for gTLDs during the first round of ICANN's generic TLD initiative.

To narrow the list of displayed applications, enter a text string into the search box and click Search. The results that match on the applicant, TLD, country, or primary contact will be returned.

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